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VCash™   allow you to:
  • leverage your existing customers
  • expand into a less competive market
  • reduce costs
  • maximize profits

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Vcash is the Premium Private Payment and Purchasing System
Funds are secured within the VCash System using the latest encryption technology
VCash Charges are:
  • No Account keeping fees
  • 3% Transaction fee (on sale only)
  • 10% Loan Application fee


Joe's Shop has been experiencing a downturn and he decides he needs to get more business
He contacts a web designer and creates a web site that accepts online ordering
He contacts a hosting provider to host the web site for him
He now goes into business and starts accepting orders
His business increases


Joe used his Vcash Overdraft facility to fund the whole program
He backs the Overdraft using future sales from the web site
As some of the people from the website pay using VCash, Joe can now repay the Overdraft
Joe has increased his business by selling in a less competitive enviroment as well as increasing his Profit Margins and Turnover.

Bill , who referred Joe to VCash , also receives a commission
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Any redistribution of this information is strictly prohibited.

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