VCash International LLC - It's not just a payment system, it's a whole Economy

VCash™   allow you to:
  • leverage your existing customers
  • expand into a less competive market
  • reduce costs
  • maximize profits

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About VCash

Vcash creates a virtual economy. A growing virtual marketplace with no borders or boundaries, a cooperative network of productive like-minded people and a database of potential new customers.

Products and Services are abundant while CA$H is kept scarce & limited to keep the demand for CA$H strong & it's value up. The demand for most Products and Services is there but the lack of CA$H in circulation is leaving many requirements unsatisfied.

VCash has been designed to fulfill this need

Vcash Account Holders are able to access, trade & store their own assets which is abundant. They can then use their stored credit (VCash) in exchange for what they want .

VCash enables any individual to access their own money without incurring a debt or adding a usury. The only cost is a 3% transaction fee in VCash taken out of the transaction.

Virtual Cash Technology developed specifically for Internet communications & transactions, offering security, anonymity and direct instant payment, the digital equivalent of a CA$H transaction with no third party involvement.

The information contained herein is provided for registered Account Holders only.
Any redistribution of this information is strictly prohibited.

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